MoveAhead fuses a profound understanding of how children move with state-of-the-art computer vision, neuroscience and child psychology.

Our unique movement SDK and API fundamentally changes the way the ‘building blocks’ of movement and cognition can be learned and understood in childhood. In this way, MoveAhead powers development of safe, accurate, entertaining and educational digital movement-based games, applications and activities, specifically for kids!

We have used our unique movement tech to power development of our MoveAhead Games, a suite of entertaining and educational motion-controlled video games built for and with children. MoveAhead Games are personalised gaming experiences that engage the child’s whole body. Each game supports assessment and development of key movement and coordination skills in childhood.

Rather than swiping or tapping their way through online interactions, the MoveAhead project enables children to interact with technology using their whole body, transforming sedentary screen time into healthy movement-based experiences.