Moving Children in the Digital World

The emerging leader for embedding children’s movement, physical activity and physical development in the digital world


What We Do

MoveAhead is tackling the movement ‘crisis’ in childhood by meeting children where they are (on digital devices) and powering digital interactions that ‘move’ them, in body, mind, and confidence.

Child-centred motion tracking

MoveAhead is the first platform built specifically on children’s movement data, with rare expertise in children’s movement science and data privacy. MoveAhead is optimised for mobile and runs on any device with a camera

Movement maker’

MoveAhead’s SDK empowers development of ‘Kids Apps’ (digital games, sport, toys and education..) with embedded physical activity motion control and movement analysis that is safe, accurate, educational & fun for children

‘Retention problem solver’

MoveAhead’s API goes much deeper than ‘just’ movement. It understands where a child is on their movement pathway, then personalises play & feedback for maximal enjoyment, engagement and growth

MoveAhead’s Action Set

MoveAhead have developed a scientifically-driven ‘action set’ with gestures & skills that are key to childhood development. The action set is safe, accurate and robust in a variety of environments, personalises the movement experience for children 2-16 years, and used to power healthy, ‘guilt-free’ and engaging movement-based screen time.

USE CASES IN: Mobile gaming, Sport, Education, Smart Toys, AR and metaverse applications

MoveAhead’s Sport Platform

MoveAhead’s ‘kid sport’ platform is used to add a gamification layer that connects real-world sports and active toys with the affordances of technology for modern children. The platform can be used for a variety of use cases and applications tracking the quality, volume, speed and tempo of a child’s skill performance. Crucially, MoveAhead also provides personalised child-centred feedback to keep children engaged, developing and ‘levelling up’.

USE CASES IN: Virtual Coaching, Connected Sports, Active Toys, Research & Design, Advertising...

MoveAhead’s Movement Library

  • Fly, march, crouch..
  • 50+ early movement skills
  • Hop, skip, jump…
  • 50+ fundamental movement skills
  • Soccer, Tennis..
  • 30+ sport-specific skills

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