We power digital play that 'moves' children

how moveahead works?

MoveAhead is the world’s first motion tracking and movement analytics engine built specifically on children’s movement data, children’s movement science and with GDPR and COPPA compliant privacy by design. 

Bringing to the table 15 Years of world leading research in children’s movement science and movement development, MoveAhead’s engine is built on the largest data set in the world of children’s movement skills with rare expertise in children’s movement science

MoveAhead’s SDK and API is used by world leading brands and studios to embed healthy, meaningful movement experiences into Kid’s games and Apps with millions of users. 

  • Brooklyn, NY 10036, United States

Modern Child's play

Modern children now spend an average of 6 hours a day in front of a screen. Our studies echo those from around the world and show that children can no longer, hop, skip, throw, catch or even kick a ball properly. MoveAhead's engine has been built specifically for children to empower developers of interactive content to meet children where they are and bring 'guilt-free' meaningful movement and physical activity into children's digital play experiences. Transforming the way children interact with technology, for 'good'.

A library of 100+ key movement skills to embed meaningful movement into Kids interactive content

State of the art algorithms that personalise play and feedback for children 3 to 16 years

A privacy by design approach which makes MoveAhead’s engine entirely safe for children


Rich science and analytics to ensure maximum engagement, retention and growth